15 Best Golf Balls for Average Golfers

15 Best Golf Balls for Average Players

I tested 15 products and found the Callaway Supersoft to be the best golf ball for average golfers.

Best Golf Balls for Average Golfers

Now, if you’re an average golfer, there are certain things you probably don’t know about that could considerably improve your game. For instance, do you know why experienced golfers have so much confidence and consistency? It’s because they use suitable golf balls and equipment (besides practicing a lot).

After years of trying to lower my handicap and lock in a few consistent rounds, it all changed for me once I found the best golf ball to suit my game. Believe it or not, but compression and ball speed do make a difference and help to keep your game consistent. 

Although the Callaway Supersoft is not the top premium golf ball on the market, I found it to be the best golf ball for average golfers for its low compression and how it helps golfers lift the ball into the air.

An average golfer might find it challenging to pick the right golf ball. If you’ve ever walked into a pro shop, you’ll know that the golf ball section can be slightly intimidating. While we all want to hit accurate shots, the balls come in different designs, constructions, spin rates, and outer layers.  

Keep reading to find out what I thought about the differences between the best golf balls for the average golfer. 

The 15 Best Golf Balls for Average Golfers

What golf ball should I use? 

I’ve tried to summarize and compare specifications for the best golf balls for the average golfer in the table below. I reviewed each product in the table to help you find the right one for your game, and hopefully, this will make it easier to choose between the best golf balls for average golfers. 

Best Golf Balls for Average GolferConstructionCompressionCover MaterialPerformanceColor Options
Callaway SupersoftTwo-pieceLow (38)IonomerFeel6
Bridgestone e6Two-pieceLow (44)SurlynFeel2
Snell MTB BlackThree-pieceMid (75-80)UrethaneTour1
Volvik CrystalThree-pieceMid (80)IonomerTour7
Bridgestone Golf e12 ContactThree-pieceLow (50)SurlynDistance4
TaylorMade Project (a)Three-pieceMid (70)UrethaneTour2
Srixon Q-StarThree-pieceMid (75)UrethaneTour2
Wilson Staff Fifty EliteTwo-pieceLow (50)IonomerFeel4
Titleist Tour SoftTwo-pieceLow (65)IonomerFeel2
TaylorMade Noodle Long & SoftTwo-pieceLow (34)SurlynFeel1
Srixon Soft FeelTwo-pieceMid (72)IonomerFeel1
Callaway HEX SolaireTwo-PieceLowIonomerFeel1
Bridgestone Golf Tour B RXThree-pieceLow (64)UrethaneFeel1
Titleist TruFeelTwo-PieceLowIonomerDistance3
Titleist Pro V1Three-pieceHigh (over 100)UrethaneTour1

Table of Contents

1. Callaway Supersoft – Best Overall

Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls

The two-piece Callaway Supersoft golf ball is among the most common for the average golfer. It has the lowest compression rating of 40, which increases accuracy and promotes fast ball speed.

Furthermore, it comes with new low drag HEX aerodynamic dimple patterns that promote lift and reduce air pressure resistance. This technology allows the ball to travel longer in the air – giving you more distance.

The Callaway Supersoft golf ball is excellent for taking long straight shots with a soft feel. The ball features a trigonometry cover formulation that lowers the spin rate while maintaining the feel on and around the green. It’s an ideal choice for beginner and intermediate/average golfers.

Unique features

  • Two-piece construction
  • Trigonometry cover formulation
  • HEX aerodynamic dimple patterns (332)
  • Ultra-low compression core (32)
  • Ionomer cover material


  • Provides a high level of soft feel and velocity
  • It’s durable
  • Best value for money due to its inexpensive cost
  • Offer maximum forgiveness
  • Vibrant colors allow easier tracking of the ball
  • Reduced drag 


  • The color finish fades quickly and easily
  • Feels too soft

2. Srixon Q-Star – Best Average Swing Speeds

Srixon Q Star White Golf Balls

This golf ball is expertly designed for beginner and intermediate golfers. It features a three-piece construction and a compression rating of 75. The 324 dimples spread out on the urethane cover allows the ball to travel at a much longer distance. Also, the arrangement of the dimples enhance ball flight and offers more control of the ball.

The Srixon Q-Star golf ball is ideal for average golfers with moderate swing speeds. The ball allows you to take on longer and much straighter shots.

Key Features

  • It comes with a compression rating of 75
  • Three-piece construction
  • Urethane cover with 324 dimples evenly spread across it
  • Spin skin


  • Provides tour-like spin and feel
  • Affordable
  • Low driver spins due to the soft compression core
  • Maximized travel distance


  • It runs out longer on chips

3. TaylorMade Project (a) – Most Forgiving

Taylormade Project A golf balls

The TaylorMade project (a) golf balls come at an affordable price and provide forgiveness to the average golfer. The balls feature a three-piece construction and have a compression rating of 60. 

The dual-core design features a larger and softer inner core that enhances the feel while removing unwanted spins. Additionally, these balls come with 322 dimple patterns on the outer cover to maximize distance travel and to offer an unmatched feel and spin on the greens.

For average golfers with handicaps ranging from 8 to 18, this is the perfect golf ball to improve their golf experience.

Key features 

  • Three-piece construction
  • Tour-level technology
  • Dual distance large core
  • An advanced version of the 2016 model
  • Available in white and yellow colors
  • 332 dimple pattern aerodynamic design
  • Urethane cover


  • Offers minimal spin off the driver
  • Added forgiveness
  • Reduced drag 
  • Added speed and distance
  • Best value for money contender


  • The urethane cover scuffs easily

4. Snell MTB Black – Best for 15+ Handicapper

snell mtb black golf balls

Despite being a newcomer in the golf industry, Snell has achieved excellent results in producing the best golf balls for golfers of all levels. This time, they are back with the Snell MTB black golf ball for average golfers.

This golf ball is almost comparable to some of the premium class balls from respected brands. The engineered urethane covers offer a soft feel and a high level of durability. These balls also feature a low compression core that lowers the spin rate and allows the ball to travel for a longer distance.

The Snell MTB black comes in a three-piece construction and has an extra thick and firm mantle layer for greater distance and increased control.

Key Features

  • 360-dimple pattern
  • Premium upgraded black model
  • Tour-caliber performance
  • Three-piece construction
  • It has a thick, firm mantle layer
  • Cast urethane layer


  • The urethane cover delivers exceptional longevity
  • Provides faster speeds and more distance
  • Outstanding control and excellent feel on the greens
  • Advanced aerodynamics for minimal drag, low lift, and controlled flight
  • Premium look
  • Best for 15 handicapper


  • Relatively unknown

5. Bridgestone e6 – Best Affordability

bridgestone e6 golf balls

If you’re on a tight budget, and searching for a cost-effective golf ball, here is an excellent option from Bridgestone.

The Bridgestone e6 golf ball comes in a two-piece construction and has a relatively low compression core, allowing maximum distance and straighter shots. The improved aerodynamic design reduces drag and adds more distance to your shots while maintaining the consistency of the flight.

The balls are also ideal for low-to-mid swing speed golfers. The bright yellow color offers excellent visibility allowing you to track your balls under any weather condition.

Key Features

  • Two-piece construction
  • Delivers a soft feel
  • Available in two color options
  • Low compression core (44)
  • 330 dimple pattern
  • Surlyn outer cover


  • Improved aerodynamics
  • Best for mid to high handicappers
  • The bright colors offer excellent visibility
  • Excellent consistency on ball trajectory
  • Soft feel and maximum distance


  • It does not provide high trajectory

6. Volvik Crystal – Best for Visibility

Volvik Crystal Golf Balls

If you’re looking for quality golf balls with a sense of creativity, Volvik crystal balls are an ideal choice. Volvik crystal golf balls come in a fun variety of striking neon colors to offer maximum visibility in the air and on the green. The enhanced visibility enables you to improve the accuracy of your shots while minimizing the risk of losing your golf balls.

Volvik crystal golf balls feature a three-piece construction, ideal for golfers with average skills. The three-piece construction allows for maximum performance and control among users. These balls fly with increased distance thanks to the high-quality soft ionomers that make up the outside cover. The balls’ flight, consistency, and accuracy are enhanced by the 350-octahedron dimple patterns on the outer surface.

Key Features

  • Three-piece construction
  • Available in various bright colors, including red, blue, and pink
  • 350-octahedron dimple pattern
  • Tour-level performance
  • Best for golfers with 60-90 swing speeds
  • Hard inner dual-core
  • Soft Zirconium Z-I outer cover
  • It has a compression rating of 80


  • It offers plenty of distance
  • Provides increased stability and consistency when the ball is flying
  • Bright colors allow maximum visibility
  • Ideal for slow to mid swing speed golfers


  • The soft feel isn’t good enough for the average golfer

7. Wilson Staff Fifty Elite – Best for 90mph Swing Speed

Wilson Staff Fifty Elite Golf Balls

If you look at the box and even the outer cover of the Wilson Staff Fifty Elite golf ball, you’ll notice the number “50” written on it. The number is the compression rating of the ball and is among the lowest. These balls are designed for low-to-mid swing speed golfers. So if your swing speed doesn’t exceed 90, this might be your ideal choice of a golf ball.

The Wilson Staff Fifty Elite delivers maximum performance at an affordable price. It features a two-piece construction that allows the ball to move at a much longer distance. The 50 compression rating allows for slow spins and is best for intermediate golfers.

The bright and beautiful colors offer improved visibility, allowing you to track the ball on the green and in the air. The new plastic slide pack enhances the durability of the Wilson Staff Fifty Elite golf ball.

Key Features

  • 302 PhD aerodynamic dimple pattern
  • 50 compression rating
  • Improved 22% softer core
  • Designed for golfers with under 90mph swing speed
  • Ionomer outer cover
  • 2-piece construction


  • Explosive distance
  • Bright colors enhance visibility
  • High penetrating ball trajectory
  • Excellent greenside performance
  • Provides ultimate control


  • Titleist could improve the durability

8. Titleist Tour Soft – Best for Short Game

Titleist Tour Soft Golf Balls

Titleist, one of the biggest and most reputable manufacturers in the golfing industry, has yet another product for the average golfer. The Titleist Tour Soft golf ball features a 2-piece construction and has a compression rating of 65. It offers a high spin rate and a soft feel for enhanced control and longer shots.

Furthermore, the Titleist Tour Soft golf ball offers improved consistency and a more penetrating trajectory thanks to the 342 cuboctahedron dimple pattern. The high-optic yellow color enhances visibility under any weather condition. The balls have a ‘T’ side stamp on the outer cover to help you align it better on the green or tee.

Key Features

  • Two-piece construction
  • Features spherically tiled 342 cuboctahedron dimple pattern
  • ‘T’ side stamp on the outer cover
  • Advanced ultra-thin 4CE grafted cover
  • Titleist largest core
  • Ionomer cover material


  • Exceptionally durable
  • The thin outer layer and large core provides a softer feel
  • Increased distance and improved greenside spin
  • The ‘T’ side stamp allows for excellent alignment
  • High and consistent ball flight


  • Quite costly compared to other balls of the same category

9. Bridgestone Golf e12 – Most Innovative

Bridgestone e12 Golf Balls

The Bridgestone golf e12 is also among the best golf balls for average golfers. This ball is the latest edition of the Bridgestone golf balls and has been engineered with the best technologies to fit the average golfer.

The three-piece surlyn construction features an extra active acceleration mantle for improved performance. The contact force dimple makes the Bridgestone e12 unique, in that it provides a greater surface contact between the ball and the clubface. This innovative tech promotes high velocity in tee shots, giving you straighter shots.

Additionally, the Bridgestone Golf e12 comes in four different color options with matte-finish. The bright color allows for an improved visibility of the ball on the green and in the air.

Key Features

  • Three-piece surlyn construction
  • Patented delta wing dimple pattern
  • 50 compression core
  • Contact force dimples
  • Designed for average golfers with less than 105mph swing speed
  • Available in four color options


  • The balls provide a high launch angle
  • They are extremely durable
  • Matte color options and finishes deliver enhanced visibility
  • Reduced drag and improved aerodynamics
  • Offer excellent forgiveness
  • The active acceleration mantle layer promises high initial velocity


  • The responsiveness and feel on and around the green isn’t great
  • The distance can be much longer

10. TaylorMade Noodle Long & Soft – Best for Slow Swingers

TaylorMade Noodle Long and Soft Golf Balls

If your swing speed happens to be around 75mph, then this golf ball is your ideal choice. The TaylorMade Noodle Long & Soft golf balls have a two-piece construction and improve the average golfer’s performance. The specially-designed core has a low compression rating of 34 to produce an extra-soft feel and a clear-cut distance for your shots.

The balls feature a proprietary 342 aerodynamic dimple design, allowing them to fly further while offering high and improved trajectories. The aerodynamics behind this ball enables a golfer with average skills to hit straighter shots.

Slow swingers who want excellent greenside spin and feel will find the TaylorMade Noodle Long & Soft golf balls ideal for the golfing experience. Also, the balls come at a budget-friendly price.

Key Features

  • Two-piece construction
  • Surlyn cover
  • 34 low compression core
  • Available in two pack options: 15 and 24 balls
  • 342 aerodynamic dimple pattern and design


  • Designed for average golfers with low-to-mid swing speeds (approximately 75mph)
  • The surlyn outer cover offers maximum durability.
  • The proprietary 342 dimple designs deliver straightener shots
  • It comes at a budget-friendly cost
  • Delivers excellent spin and feel around the greens


  • Not ideal for improving your performance in the game
  • Limited color options

11. Srixon Soft Feel – Best for 20 Handicappers

Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls

The Srixon Soft Feel golf balls provide exceptional distance, feel, and control and are among the best choices for an average golfer. The balls are primarily designed for golfers with 70+ swing speeds.

These golf balls have a highly resilient super soft core, engineered with the Energetic Gradient Growth, a feature that allows the balls to move great distances with increased speed.

The 334 dimple patterns and the improved ionomer cover promote a high launch and help keep spin low for straighter shots. The two-piece golf balls come with a compression rating of 60, ideal for beginner and average golfers. A ‘hit straight’ alignment arrow on the ball allows for accurate alignment on the green.

Key Features

  • Two-piece construction
  • 6mm ionomer cover
  • ‘Hit straight’ alignment arrow
  • Energetic Gradient Growth Core
  • 334-speed dimple pattern
  • Best for a 20 handicapper


  • Improved aerodynamics and reduced drag allow the ball to travel more distance.
  • Fosters a higher launch and a penetrating trajectory
  • Extremely consistent
  • Soft feel cover
  • Durable golf ball


  • The balls are too soft hence quite difficult to control into the green
  • They don’t stop quickly on the green

12. Titleist Pro V1 – Best for Speed and Soft Feel

Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls

Titleist Pro V1 golf balls come in a three-piece multi-layer construction and deliver a tour-level performance. They are popular for generating straighter shots and excellent drop-and-stop performance.

These golf balls come with improved aerodynamics and consistency, which are essential for an average golfer. 

The 392-dimple design allows the balls to travel at a much longer distance while delivering unmatched performance.

Key Features

  • Three-piece multi-layer construction
  • Tour-proven 392 dimple pattern
  • Ionomeric casing layer
  • Reformulated large solid core
  • High compression rating (over 100)


  • Improved durability
  • The balls deliver total performance
  • Enhanced aerodynamics


  • The balls are pretty expensive

13. Callaway HEX Solaire – Best For Female Average Golfers

Callaway Hex Solaire Golf Balls

The Callaway HEX Solaire comes with an extra soft ‘S-Tech’ core, a feature that makes them different from other Callaway HEX golf balls. The core has a low compression which gives the balls an extra soft feel.

These features give players plenty of distance and increased spin control on the green. And this is why it is one of the best golf balls for female average golfers.

Another exceptional feature of the Callaway HEX Solaire is the sparkly ‘Pear Luminous’ finish to improve visibility. This stylish finish has attracted many female golfers with average skills to these balls. 

Key Features

  • Two-piece construction
  • Proprietary HEX aerodynamic dimple design
  • Pear luminous finish
  • Extremely low compression


  • Provides a super soft feel off the clubface
  • Allows for excellent control around the greens
  • Best for low to mid swing speed female golfers
  • Elegant appearance and improved visibility


  • Not designed for men

14. Titleist TruFeel – Best for Distance

Titleist Trufeel Golf Balls

According to Titleist, these are the softest balls on their lists. The Titleist TruFeel features a patented Tru Touch core to maximize distance and offers excellent greenside control and feel to golfers with average skills.

Their ionomer covers feature advanced TruFlex technology to provide excellent control, spin, and feel on the green at an affordable cost.

Additionally, the revitalized dimple pattern design enhances the long-distance travel of the ball.

Key Features

  • Two-piece construction
  • Three color options are available: Red, Yellow, and classic white
  • 376 dimple pattern pattern
  • TruFit aerodynamic design
  • TruTouch low compression core
  • TruFlex cover


  • Premium look at a budget-friendly price
  • Improved greenside spin control
  • Enhanced long-range performance and distance


  • They get scratched up easily

15. Bridgestone Golf Tour B RX – Best Bridgestone Golf Ball

Bridgestone Golf Tour B RX Golf Balls

While it retains some essential features of other versions of Bridgestone balls, the Bridgestone Golf Tour B RX is a top performer in high ball trajectory and soft feel.

These balls incorporate all technologies available in the other versions of Bridgestone balls.

The Bridgestone Golf Tour B RX balls feature Gradational compression tech implemented in the core to promote higher initial ball speed. The tech eliminates sidespin, allowing the ball to move at increased speeds.

The seamless cover tech allows for consistency in ball flight and helps maintain excellent spin and feel on and around the greens. The dual dimple tech enhances the ball’s aerodynamics minimizing drag and allowing the balls to move further.

Key Features

  • Three-piece construction
  • SlipRes urethane cover with seamless tech
  • Gradational compression core
  • 338 dimple pattern
  • Low compression (64)


  • Reduced drag allows for more distance travel for the ball
  • Enhanced aerodynamics
  • Improved performance and more consistent ball flights
  • The SlipRes urethane cover provides excellent greenside spin and feel


  • There is only one color option (white)

How to Tell If You’re an Average Golfer

Before you begin searching for the best golf balls for average golfers, start by examining your skill levels. Manufacturers spend a lot of time and investments producing golf equipment for the average golfer. But who is this average golfer? How do you tell if you’re an average golfer? Here are some facts you need to know about an average golfer.

How Old is the Average Golfer?

It’s no surprise that the golf sport is male-dominated and that most golfers are much older. In the US, the average age for a golfer is 54 years. However, various programs have started introducing children and young people to this rich man’s sport. Women are also taking their place in golf sports.

If you’ve been golfing for 1-5 years and have a handicap between 16 and 20, you are considered an average golfer. 

Other Facts About the Average Golfer

The average golfer spends approximately 4.5 hours a week playing golf and another 1 hour 30 minutes practicing. Per year, they play about 60 rounds. All these come to 300 hours per year at a golf course.

Golf scores for average golfers vary depending on factors like age and gender. For instance, the average score for golfers aged between 40-50 years is 91.5 per round. For women golfers, the average score is 108. You’re an average golfer if you play your home course approximately 81 times per year.

An average golfer typically buys golf equipment from four sources:

  • 10% buy their equipment directly from the manufacturer
  • 28% get their equipment from a pro shop
  • 30% buy from high-street outlets
  • 32% get their golf equipment online

Additionally, the average golf member typically spends more than $30 when visiting their own club to play a round. 

Tips on How to Find the Perfect Ball for the Average Golfer

Recently, golf ball technology has developed rapidly, culminating in various golf balls for beginner, average and advanced golfers. Today, there are multiple golf ball brands and designs with different price tags. While this might seem advantageous for an average golfer, finding the correct ball is also challenging.

When searching for the best golf balls for average golfers, you need to consider various essential factors. Let’s break these factors down to help you understand how a perfect ball for an average golfer looks like.


This pint is the first and most crucial element of any golf ball. The ball’s construction determines how it feels on the club, ball trajectory, spin rate, and reaction to the green.

First, you need to assess your game and determine the golf properties that suit your game. For instance, do you require your ball to have more feel and spin, or do you need more distance and less spin?

Once you determine your needs, you can easily pick the right ball for your shot game. Let’s take you through the various types of golf ball constructions and materials to give you a better understanding of what to expect.

One-piece golf ball

The one-piece golf ball is the most basic construction of a golf ball, consisting of a single core piece and an outer cover. Basically, it is made of the same material both on the inside and the outside. This construction offers the least amount of spin of all other types of balls and is a perfect choice for beginners. 

Surlyn is the single solid material used to make the one-piece golf ball. Due to its simplicity, this type of golf ball construction is usually the cheapest and is primarily used in mini-golf courses and driving ranges. The only con with this construction is the low compression which affects the workability of the ball. Driving ranges or businesses prefer it due to its durability.

Two-piece golf ball

This type of golf ball construction is the most common and ideal for an average golfer. The two-piece golf ball contains a core and a cover mostly made from plastic or urethane. The center is made from a solid rubber material, while the exterior features surlyn or urethane.

The two-piece golf balls provide a much firmer feel than the one-piece balls. And due to the strong construction, the ball can move about 20 yards further than the one-piece balls. Use these balls when hitting long distances.

Three-piece golf ball

These balls come with three layers, the core (rubber-made), mantle(rubber-made), and the outer layer(surlyn). They offer excellent control and performance to users.

The 3-piece golf balls offer a softer feel and generate more spin. Although some professional golfers use these balls, they are an excellent choice for an average golfer. However, you must have some experience playing golf, at least 12months. If not, stick to the two-piece golf balls.

Four-piece golf balls

These balls come with a solid rubber core encircled by two separate layers and a soft outer cover made from urethane. They are known for precision and are excellent for high-speed swingers. Generally, experienced golfers use these balls, and it’s unlikely for an average golfer to use a golf ball with a four-piece construction.

Five-piece golf balls

This ball has the most complex construction of golf balls and is not for the beginner or average golfer. Advanced or experienced golfers mainly use these premium golf balls. Due to their complexity in design and construction, they are the most expensive in the market today.

For an average golfer, the two-piece golf ball is the best. However, if you want to improve your golf game, try a three-piece golf ball. Four and five-piece golf balls are designed for advanced and professional golfers.


When looking for a golf ball, it’s important to check its compression rating. In terms of compression, we can classify golf balls as low, medium, or high. Golf balls with a lower compression have a softer feel. 

Golf compression also affects the distance the ball travels. For instance, a high-compression ball travels further when struck well. On the other hand, golf balls with low compression produce less spin giving you more control and straightener shots.

When choosing a golf ball based on compression, consider your swing type. If you’re a high-speed swinger, choose a ball with low compression. 

However, some golf balls have been designed to provide less spin and more distance. These are best for an average golfer. Low compression golf balls are excellent, not only for average golfers but also for beginner and advanced golfers.

So before you buy any golf ball, look at the golf ball compression chart to identify the ball’s rating.

Tip: If you’re playing in cold weather, a low compression golf ball works better. If you play in summer when the weather is hot, choosing a high-compression golf ball might do the trick.


This is an important aspect of golf. Every golfer wishes to have the most accurate shots, and that’s why you see them practice more often. 

However, practice isn’t the only way to achieve more accurate shots. Sometimes, you only need to select the right golf ball, depending on your level of skills. Doing this gives you more control and allows you to take more accurate shots.

An average golfer needs a golf ball that offers a consistent trajectory with all the clubs in your golf bag. Experts recommend buying golf balls with multiple layers to improve your accuracy. It’s worth noting that accuracy and consistency minimize the number of shots you take. It also leads to a lower handicap.

Buying Guide on Golf Balls for Average Golfer

Which is the best golf ball for me?

Golf ball technology continues to evolve each day and all the innovation around it aims to improve your golfing experience. If you’re looking for the best golf balls for the average golfer, here is a guide for you.

1. Brand 

Just like any other industry, there are many different brands for golf balls coming from various manufacturers. Each brand adds a unique characteristic to its products to make them stand out. 

Some manufacturers/brands have been in existence for longer and have garnered immense popularity. Others don’t have much experience in the industry but still produce the best golf balls. Thus, when looking for a golf ball for an average golfer, you should consider the brand.

The premium brands manufacture high-end golf balls for advanced golfers. Before you become brand-loyal, you should test other brands to get a feel of their golf balls. 

When choosing between golf ball brands, go for one with a good reputation, probably one that has been in the industry for an extended period. Consider the amount of research and development their brand puts into making their golf balls. You might also consider asking your friends who have experience in playing golf.

2. Durability 

You want to spend much time enjoying the golf game and not buying balls and other equipment. You don’t want to keep replacing your balls after every few rounds. Therefore, you should go for balls that can stand the test of time. 

The construction and the outer cover of the balls determine their durability. There are two primary materials used to make golf balls: urethane and surlyn. Occasionally, you’ll come across balls made of other types of materials, including ionomer.

Golf balls that come with a surlyn outer shell are rugged and very durable. The material is often used in two-piece golf balls and is an excellent choice for an average golfer.

Urethane is primarily found in three-piece or other multi-layered gold balls. It’s a high-end material mostly preferred by skilled golfers. These balls feature a soft feel and are less durable.

3. Cost 

Being a rich man’s sport, the cost of buying a golf ball won’t be a significant problem to most golfers, especially those at an advanced level. However, as an average golfer, you should be mindful about how much you invest in buying your golf balls and other equipment.

Since you’re still perfecting your skills, you’re likely to lose a lot of balls. Sometimes those balls go to places you can’t find them, like in water. As a result, you’ll need to purchase a pack of balls now and then, which is quite costly. 

Golf balls come with different price tags depending on many factors. These factors include the brand, construction, compression, among other things. 

An average golfer should aim for affordability when buying golf balls. Compare prices from various brands before buying your golf balls. However, don’t buy too cheap as this will affect your performance. 

Tip: Buy a few low-cost balls, a few moderate-cost, and a few high-end. 

4. High-Visibility or Personalized Golf Balls

Separate yourself from the crowd by buying a golf ball that stands out on the course. High visibility balls are an excellent choice for players of all levels. You can easily track them on the ground and in the air, enabling you to locate your ball faster to set up for your next shot.

High-visibility golf balls feature bold patterns, colors, and matte finishes. Most importantly, it’s the color that determines the visibility of your golf balls. Therefore, when buying a golf ball, go for one with high visibility colors such as red, blue, yellow, and orange. Those with multiple colors are also an excellent option for beginner and average golfers. The unique colors and finishes help you to keep an eye on the ball in all weather conditions. This way, you might keep your ball for a bit longer.

You could also try adding some details to your golf balls to personalize your experience. You can stamp your name, favorite quote, initials, or a funny saying onto the ball. However, this might cost you more, but it will add a sense of uniqueness to your golf balls. 

5. Performance 

Before you shop for any golf ball, it’s essential to understand the various categories available based on performance. Ideally, the performance of golf balls falls into three categories: distance, tour-level, and feel.

  • Tour-level golf balls have three or more layers and an outer urethane cover. They provide more control and feel and allow for a greater spin.
  • The distance golf balls feature a three-piece construction and a high-energy core. This allows them to deliver maximized carry and a straighter trajectory.
  • The last category features low-compression golf balls with a reduced spin rate and an improved feel. They are best for slow swing golfers.


Do you still have questions about the best golf balls for an average golfer? Perhaps you have the same questions as others. How about you go through our FAQs to see if it addresses your concerns.

Why Is It Important for an Average Golfer to Have the Right Golf Ball?

Golf balls come in different types and designs based on the skill of the golfer. An average golfer cannot use the same ball as an advanced golfer. Therefore, it’s essential that you choose the right ball depending on the level of your skills. If you start off with the correct ball, it will help you improve your golfing experience and hone your skills.

Which Is the Right Golf Ball for an Average Golfer?

A two-piece or three-piece golf ball should be the perfect choice for an average golfer. These balls offer an improved spin rate and give you maximum control.

Also, an average golfer should use golf balls with a low compression rate to achieve straighter shots. Some of the best balls for an average golfer include Callaway, Bridgestone, and Srixon Q star.

What Should an Average Golfer Consider When Buying a Golf Ball?

Construction, compression, brand, and performance are some of the significant factors that determine an excellent golf ball for an average golfer. Go for brands that have been in the industry for a long and have a good reputation. Also, since you’re likely to lose more balls while perfecting your skills, you need to consider the cost or affordability of the balls.

Are There Any Benefits to Personalizing Your Golf Balls?

Yes. It allows you to track your balls both on the ground and in the air. Also, it will enable you to enjoy your sport under any weather condition. Since you have eyes on your golf balls, you won’t lose many of them in woods or bushes. What’s more, adding some details to your golf balls, like your name or quotes, makes your ball stand out.

Last Word

Choosing the best balls for your golfing activities is an essential aspect for every golfer. However, this is a challenge, especially for the average golfer still honing their skills. The process of selecting the right ball for an average golfer is quite lengthy. While you want a golf ball that suits your golf swing and preference, there are multiple factors to help pick the right ball.

You have to look at the construction of the ball, the outer cover material, dimple patterns, and color to find the correct ball for your skill level. Although there are many options to consider, we reviewed only the best choices for the average golfer. 

Based on the balls I tried, the Callaway Supersoft golf ball definitely takes the crown as the best golf ball for the average golfer. Although it might not be the best in everything, most of the features and designs focus on golfers with intermediate skills.

The Bridgestone e6 comes in as the second-best (and budget-friendly) golf ball for the average golfer. Its aerodynamic construction offers greater distance and straighter shots, while also catering to golfers who don’t have the fastest swings. 

Lastly, if you consider yourself an average golfer and you also happen to be an older player then you might want to check out our buyers guide on the best golf balls for seniors. Every golf ball is made with a different player in mind so its important to test and figure out which type of ball best suits your game to get the most out of your swing.


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