Top 9 Best Golf Balls for Seniors in 2021

Best golf balls for seniors in 2021

I tested over 30 golf balls and found Srixon Soft Feel to be the best golf ball for seniors. 

Best Golf Balls for Seniors

Srixon Soft Feel stands out for me against the other products due to its immense capabilities and attributes. It’s the latest manifestation in the brand’s Soft Feel series and has a much softer core and a compression score of 60. The design delivers a higher launch, low spin, and more incredible speed. It also maximizes distances without altering the feel and offers implausible high launch conditions. 

I’ve gained this skill after extensively using various golf balls for both senior and younger players. From my experience testing different varieties in multiple golf courses and extensive research to cover similar reviews, I believe I can aptly guide you through the most reliable options. 

Overall, the latest Srixon Soft Feel lives up to its competitors and famous predecessor. The enhanced distance and improved spin and control on greens make it outstanding in the two-piece niche, while its side stamp is excellent for senior players who leverage lines when putting on and off the tees. 

Like most product reviews I create, this comprehensive guide has taken days of research and insight compilation to ensure you make an informed choice when shopping for golf balls. In my opinion, I clearly understand the essential features that make the best senior golf ball. 

Of course, different golf balls stand out for multiple circumstances. That’s why this review covers the most appropriate golf balls for the most common situation categories.

Read on to learn more about golf balls for seniors and the best products for different situations.  

Summary: Top 9 Best Golf Balls for Seniors

A Review of the Top Golf Balls for Seniors

The following golf ball brands stand out among seniors:

Srixon Soft Feel – Best Overall

Sirxon Soft Feel Golf Balls For Seniors

In this comprehensive product list, I highly believe that this is the perfect and ideal one among all golf balls for seniors.

These products from Srixon come in a two-piece construction comprising low compression Gradient Growth cores that help it deliver a grand soft feel and striking shot distance. 

Moreover, it has a thin, soft ionomer outer cover that enhances greenside spin and a lower driver spin. Consequently, the ball can fly with a penetrating, consistent trajectory.

The balls are also crafted with a 338-speed dimple pattern, which reduces air drag to let the ball fly with remarkable precision. Furthermore, you can choose between two highly visible color options.

Here are the good and bad sides of this product:


  • The trajectory is super-straight
  • You can stabilize how you approach the shot
  • Enhanced control over height and distance
  • Longer flight distance thanks to the softer two-piece core construction
  • Its impressive 338 dimple pattern lets it cut through the wind


  • The greenside spin is less consistent
  • It lacks distance uniformity

Volvik 2020 Vivid – Best Budget

Volvik Vivd Golf Balls For Seniors

I believe the Volvik Vivid golf ball is perfect for a cleaner, more robust finish, even when it’s windy. After several comparison tests, I’m confident that this is among the most unique yet reasonably priced alternatives that rival the delivery of high-end balls.

This product comes with a unique 342 dimple design that delivers a controlled, smooth, and stable flight. During windy conditions, it can be challenging to achieve ball stability due to hampered consistency. Fortunately, you can strike this off the list.

Volvik leverages the Nano Bi High Energy concept that enhances ball control and resilience. It’s also brightly colored, hence easy to spot across the greens.

I highly recommend this option to senior and recreational golf players. If you prioritize a higher launch and slower swing speed yet want to avoid the high cost, Volvik 2020 Vivid should be your go-to golf ball.

Its good and bad sides include:


  • It promotes a relatively higher launch
  • More visible
  • Improved alignment
  • It delivers a mid-high ball trajectory
  • A longer flight distance
  • Longer durability


  • The colors might be too bright for some golfers

Wilson Staff Fifty Elite – Best for Seniors Golf Digest

Wilson Fifty Elite Golf Ball for Seniors

The Wilson Staff Fifty Elite is designed with aggressive cores with a 50 compression rating. Its core is 22 percent softer, hence can fly an explosive distance. It also provides an excellent greenside spin and smooth feel during shots.

The ball has 302 aerodynamic and shallow dimples on the cover, creating consistent and accurate flights while reducing drag. It’s also budget-friendly, and senior players can select between four bright color alternatives for enhanced visibility. 

The Wilson Staff Fifty Elite is designed for average golfers who can’t surpass swing speeds of 90 miles per hour. 


  • A longer flight distance
  • Excellent greenside spin and feel
  • Lower driver spin
  • Fewer chances of missing the balls
  • A greater penetrating trajectory


  • It’s harder to notice the distance off the tee

Bridgestone E6 – Best for High Handicappers

Bridgestone E6 First Tee Golf Balls for Seniors

The Bridgestone E6 comes with a soft yet sturdy cover tailored to meet a senior player’s expectations. It’s built to improve control of the ball and spin and comes with a firm core comprising a two-layer construction to carry it exceptionally longer on the greens. 

This soft-feel golf ball delivers excellent quality to rival the flexibility of more expensive, superior alternatives. What’s more, they precisely fit what every senior golfer needs them for – soft feel, low spin, and improved control over distance. 

If your swing speed ranges between mid and low, you don’t need to struggle adjusting to a four-piece construction. This product’s dual-layer structure is simply ideal and can solve every problem you’ve been experiencing regarding stability and launch.

It also has an aerodynamic design that delivers enhanced patterned resistance against height and wind. Its core’s extra softness (resulting from its stabilizing compression) accelerates flight speeds, and the ball’s seamless Surlyn outer cover is more forgiving to launch and can reduce impact.

The advantages and disadvantages of the Bridgestone E6 include:


  • It offers better ball flight consistency
  • Enhanced aerodynamics
  • Affordable yet highly durable
  • Lower spin off the driver
  • It maintains a soft off-the-tee spin without sacrificing the ideal distance
  • Better visibility for senior golfers


  • It won’t spin much around the greens
  • It isn’t ideal for eliminating side spin and promoting backspin for a higher trajectory

Titleist Pro V1 – Best for the Average Golfer

Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls for Seniors

Titleist Pro V1  undoubtedly ranks high among the best golf balls for seniors 2021. The ball is built to show the attention to detail and careful engineering dedicated to it.

While this golf ball boasts numerous incredible features, it stands out for its consistency. Each senior golf swing is expected to deliver excellent results. Another fantastic feature that sets this ball apart is its enhanced long-game spin and amplified penetrating flight.

The Titleist Pro V1 also comes with a re-formulated 2.0 ZG process core that’s both robust and heavy-duty. Avid golfers will also like its ionomer high-flex core, which complements the rigid core for a constant speed and stable performance.

The ball can also sturdily hold up to extended usage and last longer without sustaining a permanent scratch. Senior players who’ve experienced lightweight balls understand the significance of this improvement.

Another notable enhancement is on the ball’s cover made from urethane elastomer and designed with an advanced dimple pattern. It has a 3-piece multi-layer construction, and the urethane elastomer cover has a 392 aerodynamic dimple pattern. In addition, it has a massive solid tour-level core.

Notably, these are the leading expectations of a senior golfer from a high-end Tour golf ball. However, Titleist Pro V1 can deliver all these on relatively affordable terms. Furthermore, the ball comes with custom alignment markings that make it easy to aim for the right line and speed.

Titleist Pro V1’s pros and cons include:


  • The soft urethane elastomer cover can enhance greenside spin
  • Two different color options
  • Bright-yellow color facilitates long-distance, quick visibility
  • Precise short-game control for a better score
  • Outstanding balance between control and spin


  • Relatively expensive
  • Its packaging isn’t adequately prepared

TaylorMade Soft Response – Best for 90-95 mph Swing Speed

Taylormade Soft Response Golf Balls For Seniors

TaylorMade’s recent announcement, TaylorMade Soft Response, is ideal for senior golfers seeking a low compression, high-performance golf ball. This advanced model boasts an ultra-low compression build yet isn’t as expensive as other premium or high-quality models.

Besides its affordability, the Soft Response features its proprietary Speedmantle with the HFMq concept, which translates to a faster ball speed. The golf ball comes with a firmer second layer surrounding the inner core: a design focused on delivering explosive energy transfer.

The golf ball for seniors also leverages the manufacturer’s Extended Flight Dimple Pattern patent, protecting distance in an ultra-soft or ultra-low-compression softball. It has a u-shaped dimple design which substantially increases lift and reduces drag, hence better aerodynamics and the ability to stay longer in the air despite the lower spin rate.

Soft Response is perfect for average swing speed senior golfers who find it hard to keep the ball airborne. What’s more, it has a soft ionomer cover that enhances the feel and limits wear and tear, hence longer overall durability.

Its 35 compression ZnO Flex Cores allow it to meet and exceed the expectations of senior players looking for distance and softness in an affordable ball.


  • It delivers a super-soft feel
  • More consistent and accurate ball flights due to the lower driver spin
  • Improved durability
  • Longer flights
  • Vibrant colored balls for easy visibility on the green

TaylorMade TP5 – Best for Low Handicap Seniors

Taylormade TP5 Golf Balls For Seniors

It is among the most expensive, excellent performing balls when it comes to golf for seniors. The pack contains a dozen balls designed to offer a softer core and greater precision degree.

If you’re a senior enthusiast able to hit at high swing speed, you want golf balls specially tailored for low handicappers, which the TaylorMade TP5 golf balls offer. Most leading golfers in the world prefer the tee-to-green performance balls, thanks to their excellent features and capabilities.

For instance, they come in a five-piece construction and comprise a Tri-Fast Core, promoting fastball speed and reducing driver drag and spin to maximize ball carry. Furthermore, its premium cast urethane dual-spin cover makes it one of the most durable golf balls.

TaylorMade TP5 golf balls also have a speed-layer system that comprises four stiff layers that outstandingly enhance ball speed and grant control over balls and greenside spin. The ball perfectly combines spin control, velocity, and feel, hence optimizing your performance. 


  • Better ball velocity
  • More spin control around greens
  • Enhanced visibility
  • More durable
  • Delivers greater distance from iron shots
  • An entire tee-to-green performance


  • The balls feel relatively harder off the clubface

Callaway 2021 Supersoft – Most Forgiving

Callaway Supersoft Golf Balls For Seniors

Callaway 2021 Supersoft is arguably the most forgiving golf ball in the market. It features ionomer soft covers and High-Speed Soft Compression cores, which deliver its super-soft feel.

The ball’s high-speed cores mean tremendous clubface energy that promotes a low driver spin and a high launch that delivers a greater distance. Its multi-material constructions grant golfers lots of greenside spin control.

Callaway 2021 Supersoft balls have a HEX aerodynamic design that reduces drag and facilitates more consistent lift and fly. The balls come in numerous vibrant color options to enhance visibility. They’re perfect for fresh seniors looking for an extended distance, forgiveness, and reduced spin.


  • Delivers a higher launch alongside a consistent straight flight
  • Super-soft feel
  • Remarkable spin control
  • Optimal forgiveness
  • Additional shot distance
  • Easy ball tracking 


  • The color finish fades easily

Srixon Soft Feel Brite Red – Best for Senior’s Men

Srixon Soft Feel Brite Red Golf Balls For Seniors

Every senior male golfer with moderate swing speed should try the Srixon Soft Feel Men’s Brite Red golf balls. They feature a two-piece construction alongside an Energetic Gradient Growth core that lets them fly with extensive distance.

The two-piece ball with a 60 low compression rating functions as a multi-layer model. It has the 324 new speed dimple design with a resilient 11 percent thinner ionomer cover. Most enthusiasts prefer its high launch, improved distance, and enhanced precision.

The resilient cover and enhanced aerodynamics can improve the ball flight.

Srixon Soft Feel Men’s pros and cons include:


  • Super-straight flight
  • Stabilizes your approach to the shot
  • Better control over height and distance
  • Greater distances thanks to the softer two-piece core construction
  • Its simple pattern allows it to cut through the wind
  • Bright red layer makes it easier to see and find on long shots


  • Inconsistency over greenside spin

Factors to Consider for Seniors

Consider these factors when shopping for seniors’ golf balls:


This vital factor determines your potential swing speed and distance. Low compression is for slow swing speeds, typically below 70. On the other hand, high compression is for faster swing speeds that characterize the pro-level and tour-grade golfers. It’s almost improbable for a 50 compression ball to perform like one with a rating of 70.


A golf ball’s construction is essential in many ways as it determines its flight response, control, and durability. For instance, surlyn covers are famous for their durability and flight response. But if you’re playing professionally, urethane cover balls can be perfect. 


Your swing speed is likely to reduce as you age. While many seniors can hit it a long way, most acknowledge hitting further distance in their prime. As such, your equipment must help you hit it to the green. Fortunately, today’s advanced golf balls have excellent compression levels to increase the distance. So find one that delivers greater distance. 

Color Options For Visibility  

As age creeps up, you’ll likely lose your eagle-like sight to see the ball on long drives. Just like distance, most senior players struggle to see their ball’s landing spot. Fortunately, you can overcome this challenge by choosing brightly colored balls. This way, you’ll not have to waste time looking for the ball. You’ll also speed up your play and retain most balls. 

Ball Spin

In essence, this is what enables your ball to rise in the air. As the air hits the ball’s dimples, it causes a low-pressure region on the upper section, causing the ball to lift. Faster spins mean the ball will rise higher.

Weather Conditions

The weather conditions at your course significantly impact your decision of golf ball. For instance, in humid conditions, your ball will travel further. So you have to find a relatively slower ball to compensate for the distance for an accurate shot.

Swing Speed

Every golfer wants to hit it faster and farther. However, senior golfers struggle with this, and most can’t deliver the same performance as during their prime. Fortunately, it’s possible to maneuver this challenge by selecting the perfect ball for your swing speed. In this case, go for those with lower compression.


This category includes the golf ball’s markings and visibility in the rough. Your balls’ visibility isn’t crucial if you can’t find it after hitting it. So if your eyesight isn’t as it used to, choose the best colors you can identify quickly. Furthermore, your ball’s alignment aids should be visible when you’re standing over a putt. Finally, avoid logos that distract your focus and confuse vision. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Most golfers ask the following questions:

What Are the Notable Differences Between a Regular and a Senior Ball?

The two golf balls vary. For instance, enthusiasts with higher swing speeds can use tour-grade golf balls with a firmer feel, more significant rebound effect, and higher compressing rating. But most seniors have relatively slower swing speed demanding a softer feel and lower compression.

The cover material is another difference. Senior-friendly balls have less spin, are affordable, and have a durable Surlyn cover since it delivers extra distance and reduced spin. When it comes to color, older golfers prefer brightly colored balls as they’re easy to spot.

Does The Golf Ball Cover Make Any Difference?

Yes it does.

There are two golf ball cover varieties: surlyn and urethane. 

Surlyn, the ionomer resin, is the most common cover. It’s remarkably durable and scratch-resistant. Manufacturers have used it on golf balls since the 1960s, and it is standard on almost every non-tour level brand due to its efficient energy transfer and distance maximization.

On the other hand, urethane is relatively softer. It’s not as durable, but it’s preferred on multi-layered, higher-end balls because it delivers more control and spin. Skilled golfers generally prefer the performance and feel. 

What Are Other Factors to Consider When Buying Golf Balls for Seniors?

Other factors to consider when shopping for seniors’ golf balls include:

  • The feel
  • It’s value
  • Your budget
  • Your priorities
  • Layers
  • The ball’s price

How Long Does a Golf Ball Last?

On average, a golf ball can last at least seven whole 18-hole rounds without performance degradation. Still, several factors determine a golf ball’s durability.

For instance, wet clubfaces can cause cover damage by decreasing friction between the ball and club and prompting slipping and grabbing, increasing tear and wear. Furthermore, the two main cover types have varying durability. Finally, your storage approach also matters, so make sure you keep yours at average room temperature.

Notably, your ball is likely to be damaged or lost before wearing out. 

My Top Picks

Here’s my overview of the best golf balls for senior golf enthusiasts alongside my brief takes about their main capabilities and function. Let’s explore:

  • Srixon soft feel (Best overall) – This golf ball delivers a superior soft feel, an enhanced greenside spin, reduced drag, and vibrant colors for visibility. It’s ideal for longer distances. 
  • Volvik 2020 vivid (Best budget) – The ball has a three-piece design with massive dual cores that maximize distance. It also features an enhanced 322 dimple pattern and a robust ionomer cover. The ball delivers a lower driver spin and the perfect wedge spin for a 70 – 90 mph swing range. 
  • Wilson Staff Fifty Elite (Best for seniors Golf Digest)– The ball’s aggressive 50 compression core lets you achieve explosive distance. Furthermore, the 302 shallow aerodynamic dimples deliver a more penetrating trajectory. 
  • Bridgestone E6 (Best for a higher average golf handicap by age) – The ball has a two-piece construction with a surlyn cover and a low compression core. It has a soft feel, and its enhanced aerodynamic design delivers a consistent ball flight and a greater distance. 
  • Titleist Pro V1 (Best for the average golfer) – The ball comes with a premium urethane cover that delivers an extra-soft feel and is perfect for shot-game control. It also offers a longer game spin and is optimized for an explosive distance and consistent flight. 
  • TaylorMade Soft Response (Best for a swing speed range of 90 – 95 mph) – Offers an enhanced soft feel and great distance. It has an extended flight, and the dimple pattern reduces the spin rate. It also has an ultra-low compression core and is excellent for moderate-speed swingers. 
  • TaylorMade TP5 (Best for low handicap seniors) – It’s ideal for high swing speed golfers. The speed layer system increases shot speeds, and the ball offers enhanced spin control. It also comes with a 322 seamless dimple pattern that reduces drag and provides an ideal distance and a softer feel.
  • Callaway 2021 Supersoft (The most forgiving ball) – This brand has a multi-material construction and advanced hybrid cover for a higher launch and more incredible speed. The ball also has a High-Speed Soft Compression Core, making it travel farther with an improved lift and enhanced carry.
  • Srixon Soft Feel Brite Red (Best for senior men) – This masculine golf ball promotes a higher launch, straight flight, and unbelievable distance. Despite the increased distance, you’ll also get an excellent feel. 

Final Thoughts

From the above details, it’s clear that Srixon Soft Feel stands out among the rest. The advanced golf ball has a medium compression score, and most players prefer its higher launch, incredible speed, and relatively lower spin. Still, the other options are perfect for their unique features, so make sure you pick the right product for your needs. 

Finding the right golf ball may be daunting, but it’ll be easier if you focus on the above manufacturers. You’ll stop worrying about getting a quality product and start focusing on your gaming experience.


Check out our latest reviews and buyers guides of the best golf equipment, gear and training aids on the market. We do extensive research and testing so that you don’t have to. Hope you enjoy reading!

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