10 Best Places to Buy Golf Clubs in 2021: The Ultimate Golfers Guide

Here are the 10 best places to buy golf clubs in 2021. They have some of the best prices for both new and used clubs!
10 Best Places to Buy Golf Clubs in 2021

Whether you’re new to the sport or have been hitting the course every weekend for years, golf is a fantastic sport. However, golfers of all levels have the same question: where are the best places to buy golf clubs?

TaylorMade Sim Driver I bought from Global Golf!

If you prefer new, used, full sets, or by the club, there are many options for golf clubs for sale. There are hundreds of retailers out there, and we’ve done the work to help you understand where to find the cheapest golf clubs, custom golf clubs, and everything in between.

We’ll break down the pros and cons of each of these retailers and let you decide which of these golf websites is the best place to buy golf clubs online for you.


  1. Best Overall: Global Golf
  2. Best for Beginners: Dick’s Sporting Goods
  3. Best Pre-Owned: Callaway Pre-Owned
  4. Best On a Budget: 3Balls
  5. Best Custom Clubs: Golftec
  6. Best for Aspiring Professionals: PGA Tour Superstore
  7. Best Deals: Rock Bottom Golf
  8. Best for Variety: TGW
  9. Best Full Sets: Golf Galaxy
  10. Best Value: 2nd Swing

#1 Best Overall: Global Golf

#1 Best Overall for Buying Golf Clubs is Global Golf

Global Golf is one of the biggest online golf stores in the world, and there’s a reason for that. Global Golf carries everything a golfer could want, from discount golf clubs to used clubs to new clubs, accessories, and everything in between.

Global Golf also knows that you’re not playing golf online, so it offers a U-Try option, where, for a fee, you can try many of the most popular clubs for up to 14 days. On top of that, Global Golf also offers a trade-in option for when you’re ready to upgrade.

They also offer a lot of customization options, but you can purchase most of their golf clubs as is. For my money, Global Golf is the best of the online golf club sellers.


  • Huge selection
  • Wide variety of pre-owned clubs if you’re not ready to commit to new
  • Paid trial and trade-in options
  • Lots of customization


  • Navigation can be a bit tough
  • No physical location
  • Customization can be overwhelming

#2 Best For Beginners: Dick’s Sporting Goods

Best For Beginners Buying Golf Clubs is Dick’s Sporting Goods

Dick’s is one of the largest sporting goods chains in the United States, with locations spread all over the country. They’re also one of the biggest online golf stores around.

Dick’s is an excellent spot if you’re just starting as a golfer. They offer a wide variety of men’s, women’s, and children’s starter sets which come with a full set of clubs and accessories to get you going. They also sell higher-end clubs for when you’re ready to upgrade to a new club.

Because Dick’s has many physical locations as well, you can go and check clubs out. Some locations even offer fitting and regripping services. Be aware, though, that the in-store selection isn’t even close to as wide as the online selection, and you can also often find better deals on their website.


  • Offers full sets at relatively cheap prices
  • Has physical stores to check clubs out and get fitted


  • No used options
  • No trade-in options
  • In-store selection is not always the best

#3 Best for Pre-Owned: Callaway Pre-Owned

Best for Pre-Owned Golf Clubs is Callaway Pre-Owned

Callaway is one of the premier brands in golf, and many of the top stars use its clubs on the PGA Tour. Fortunately for us, Callaway offers certified, pre-owned woods, wedges, and golf irons for sale, meaning that you can have the pros’ equipment at a much more affordable price.

Callaway offers clubs individually and by the set, so whether you just need a new lob wedge or you’re looking to build out a whole new set, you’re covered. Callaway also offers a satisfaction guarantee with a buy-back promise to ensure that you’re satisfied with your new purchase. 

You can get quotes on trading your old clubs and even buy from other brands! Because you’re buying pre-owned clubs, you’re limited to what’s in stock at any given time. However, no matter how you look at it, Callaway offers the best place to buy used golf clubs.


  • Pro-level quality at an amateur-level price
  • Lots of options available
  • Trade-in available


  • No customization
  • Limited to what’s available in stock

#4 Best On A Budget: 3Balls

Best For Buying Golf Clubs on a Budget is 3Balls

If you’re a golfer who doesn’t have a ton of money for clubs, 3Balls is a great place to look at to get golf clubs cheap. This online golf store specializes in pre-owned clubs and offers great value to customers.

3Balls runs a lot of different sales, so sign up for their mailing list and be patient. You’ll likely find a deal that’s a match for what you want. 3Balls has a good variety of used clubs to choose from, but they may not have your preferred brand or shaft. On top of this, you can’t customize a used club, which may present some unique issues depending on your swing.

Still, though, if you’re a bargain hunter and willing to compromise, 3Balls offers a lot of ways to get you out onto the course with quality golf clubs that won’t empty your wallet.


  • Rotating deals
  • Good selection of discount golf clubs


  • Limited customization
  • No physical locations to test or look at clubs

#5 Best For Custom Clubs: GolfTec

Best for Buying Custom Golf Clubs is GolftTec

Any veteran golfer will tell you that getting fitted for custom clubs is a treat that will improve your game. Whether you’re too tall for normal clubs, have a heavy slice, or anything else, expert fitters at GolfTec can evaluate your swing and recommend the right set of clubs.

GolfTec can fit you for a driver, irons, or your complete bag. They’ll evaluate your swing and recommend club types, shaft, and length. This process can be fun, but it has to be done in person and can take some time.

You can look at club selection online, but you can only make purchases after a fitting. Scheduling a fitting at ClubTec is not required but can help improve your game if you’re just starting. They have more than 25 locations, so take a look and see what works best for you.


  • Lots of locations
  • Getting fits fit especially to your swing


  • Expensive
  • To get the best fit, you have to visit a physical location

#6 Best For Aspiring Professionals: PGA Tour Superstore

Best for Aspiring Professionals Buying Golf Clubs is PGA Tour

The PGA Tour is where the best golfers play, so it’s no surprise that the PGA Tour Superstore has everything both pro and amateur players need.

The online club selection at the PGA Tour Superstore is incredible, with all major brands represented. The in-store offering is great as well (with nearly 50 locations in the United States), with simulators and fitters available to allow you to test clubs in person before buying. You can even purchase golf clubs online and pick them up in the store within hours.

Compared to other online golf stores, though, the PGA Tour Superstore doesn’t always offer the

best price on golf clubs. They offer some discounts, but their sales aren’t always as steep as other stores, and they don’t offer pre-owned clubs. If you want to be wowed by an experience and like looking at tons of options, though, this is definitely a store to check out.


  • Rewards programs
  • Huge selection
  • Buy online, pick up in-store


  • Can be a bit more expensive

#7 Best Deals: Rock Bottom Golf

Best Deals for Buying Golf Clubs is Rock Bottom Golf

Rock Bottom Golf offers some of the deepest discounts of any online golf store, so if you’re looking for discount golf clubs, this is a great place to start.

Not only does Rock Bottom offer customizable clubs and pre-owned clubs, but they also offer open box and returned clubs. Rock Bottom is always getting rid of inventory, so you have a great chance to get quality clubs and terrific prices. They also offer discounted balls, clothing, and accessories to fill out your bag.

With Rock Bottom, you may not always get the current model year clubs, but if you’re willing to be flexible or mix and match golf club lines a bit, you’ll end up with a fantastic set that will last you for years.


  • Deep discounts
  • Pretty good selection


  • Be careful during checkout as they’ll offer a lot of items you might not need or want
  • Deals aren’t on the newest clubs, so you’re likely looking at models from prior years

#8 Best For Variety: TGW

Best Variety Golf Clubs is TGW

TGW (formerly known as The Golf Warehouse) is one of the biggest retailers around. Because of that, you know they have the best variety for buying golf clubs.

TGW carries all major brands, plus left-handed clubs. Golf clubs are available individually or in sets. TGW also carries used clubs, but, as always, you can only buy what they have available.

One of TGW’s best features is its 30-day playability guarantee. So if you buy a club from them and it’s not working for you, their customer service team will find the right club for you. It’s a great way to feel secure about making a golf club purchase because you know you’re going to end up with a great golf club.

TGW also offers rotating sales on a lot of their merchandise so that thrifty shoppers will find a lot of bargains.


  • Unbeatable selection
  • Playability guarantee


  • Only a single retail location (in Wichita, Kansas) limits the ability to test clubs

#9 Best Full Sets: Golf Galaxy

Best for Buying Full Set Golf Clubs is Golf Galaxy

When you’re a beginner golfer, it’s tough to know what clubs you need. How many irons should be in your bag? How many wedges? For many golfers, buying a full set takes away all of those questions and gets you a full set of clubs that will work well to start you off. So if you’re looking at full sets, Golf Galaxy is a store for you.

Golf Galaxy has connections with Dick’s Sporting Goods, so they have a lot of locations and a great selection. Offering full sets from brands such as Callaway and Cobra, they have offerings catered to any new golfer. Also, these full sets will have different clubs, but most will have a driver, fairway wood, irons and wedges, and a putter, plus a bag. So what else could you need?

And, best of all, Golf Galaxy offers a trade-in program. So, when you fall in love with the game and want to upgrade your set, Golf Galaxy will give you a fair price and credit toward your next clubs.


  • Good full set selection
  • Trade-in program


  • Full sets may not meet everyone’s needs

#10 Best Value: 2nd Swing

Best for Buying Value Golf Clubs is 2nd Swing

When you’re looking for the best price on golf clubs, you’re looking for the best value. 2nd Swing is an online golf retailer totally focused on value. From the newest clubs to fittings to accessories, 2nd Swing is focused on the customer and providing the best clubs at a fair price.

2nd Swing has over 90,000 clubs available to ship at any given time, including all the top brands and newest releases. 2nd Swing also specializes in used clubs and is very clear about what’s available and the condition.

If you’re looking for custom clubs, 2nd Swing offers services. However, they only have five retail locations, which limits your options. As an online retailer, though, 2nd Swing gives you the most bang for your buck.


  • Huge amount of used and new clubs
  • Great prices


  • Limited retail locations


If you’re looking to buy your next set of golf clubs online, it’s easy to get intimidated. There are so many options, and a lot of them might not be reputable. But, if you use any of the retailers above, you can rest easy knowing that you’re going to get the best discount golf clubs. You’ll be able to worry less about the purchase and more about your game.

Lastly, it’s important to remember that your golf club is only half the equation. Playing with a good golf ball is equally as important. Some golf balls are softer and better for beginners, while some have more layers and texture and are made for more experienced players. I’d highly recommend looking into how to choose the right golf ball for you if you’re serious about improving your game!


Check out our latest reviews and buyers guides of the best golf equipment, gear and training aids on the market. We do extensive research and testing so that you don’t have to. Hope you enjoy reading!

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