8 Best Free Golf GPS Apps in 2021

Here are the 8 best free golf GPS apps in 2021. They provide excellent tracking and works on both Apple and Android devices!
Best Free GPS Golf Apps

Many apps claim to help you improve your golf game, but many of them fall short of being helpful. Fortunately, several great free apps exist, and we searched for them to list the best free golf GPS apps.

When we searched through these apps, we looked for key factors that would make them mention-worthy. But, first, we had to make sure that these free golf apps had useful features. For example, we looked for GPS rangefinders with high-quality imaging or a stats and progress tracker.

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Also, we had to make sure that the free versions of these apps were usable without upgrading to a premium or pro version. The premium versions of these apps had to act as enhancements rather than a necessary purchase for the app to function well.

Using golf course apps can be worth your time for several reasons. One of the biggest reasons is to help with golf course management. A good app can help make rounds go faster because they keep the guesswork out of distances on the green. They can also help you improve your skill and lower your handicap.

Many apps are also compatible with smartwatches. So, you can receive and record more accurate information on your golf swing. A good golf GPS app can be a great addition to your training, especially if you’ve already had several golf lessons. They can work together with lessons with a golf instructor so that you can get better faster.

Here are the top 8 best golf GPS apps that we’ve found:

Keep reading for our reviews on each app to find out why they’ve made it to our list.


The Grint GPS Golf App

The overall best free golf GPS app is TheGrint. This app contains over 40,000 mapped golf courses all over the world. If you can’t find a golf course, you can make a request, and the new course gets uploaded within two business days. TheGrint also regularly checks and evaluates its data so that all the courses are up-to-date and accurate.

This app is available for both Android and Apple, and the interface is immaculate and intuitive. It also has a digital scorecard and leaderboard feature to help you create and organize your own tournaments.

When you pair the app with a smartwatch, you can use its GPS Rangefinder to track your shots. It also helps you figure out how to work around specific challenges on the golf course.

TheGrint offers a handicap membership and pro membership that unlocks more features. Yet, the free membership works fine. It has plenty of features that’ll enhance your golfing experience. In particular, Golfers with smartwatches will be able to take full advantage of the GPS Rangefinder feature.


Hole19 Golf GPS App

Hole19 is another comparable free golf GPS app. It has over 43,000 golf courses in over 200 countries that have ratings and reviews from other golfers.

The app has Scoring Mode, which focuses on helping you to keep track of your scores. You can also use the GPS Only Mode to focus on the distances to the front, center, and back of the golf course. There’s also an option to download a course beforehand and play offline.

Hole19 has a strong focus on convenience. Along with the simple interface that helps you keep track of distances, you can also use this app to store all your scores in one place. The app also has a strong community function. All you have to do is build your golfer profile, and you can connect with other golfers using the app to share feedback and engage in discussion.

This app is available on Apple and Android and is also compatible with smartwatches.


Golfshot GPS App

This golf distance app has free and pro versions. The free version has a solid GPS range finder that provides accurate information on the distance to the center of the green. You can also preview the course before taking it on and receive in-depth statistics for each course.

The free version does a great job of keeping track of your shots and progress. If you want to upgrade to the pro versions, you’ll have access to real-time distances to all the critical hazards and targets for over 40,000 golf courses. It also provides on-the-spot recommendations created by your game performance.

So, if you enjoy the free version of the GolfShot app, it’s worth considering upgrading to the pro version. 

18 Birdies

17 Birdies Golf GPS App

Users will immediately notice the clean interface and clear satellite images of the golf courses pictured on 18 Birdies.

The app is available for both Android and Apple, and you can pair it with smartwatches. It has a great free version along with a premium membership that you can try out during a 14-day trial.

The free version of this app has reliable GPS tracking and shot tracking systems. You can also connect with other players, organize tournaments, and keep track of the scores for many players.

This app also has a note-taking feature to store information on how you can practice and improve in certain areas. There’s also a convenient low-battery mode so that you can use the app for an extended period.


Golflogix GPS App

GolfLogix is available on both Android and Apple, and it’s a comprehensive free golf GPS app with all the basics of what you need on the golf course. It tracks distances from any point on the fairway and green, and it will notify you of all the hazards on the courses. You can also view the courses in 3D to get a more accurate view of the slopes.

The app will also assist you at the putting line by suggesting aiming and predicting how the ball breaks. It also records your stats and the clubs you use.

If you enjoy using GolfLogix, you can also start a free 14-day trial to upgrade to a GolfLogix Plus Member. This membership allows ad-free play. It also provides insight into how the golf ball will roll once it lands on the green. Plus, members will also have access to GolfLogix’s patented club tracking. This feature helps golfers track all their shots’ location and distance.


SwingU Golf GPS App

The SwingU app is a great golf yardage application that keeps track of your handicap for free. You can download it with Android and Apple.

The free version of this app also has an excellent GPS rangefinder. The GPS rangefinder has amazing accuracy for all its courses, and you can also access all 34,000 courses with the free version. In addition, it’s capable of showing the golf ball’s distance from the hole, along with the distances from the front and back of the range.

The premium version of this app has more useful features. For example, it has a zoom function for course maps. It can also provide an analysis of your strokes and live information on wind conditions.

Golf Pad GPS

Golf Pad GPS App

The Golf Pad GPS app has versions for both Android and Apple phones. It has a lot of great features aimed to help you lower your handicap. One feature is the GPS rangefinder, which provides accurate measurements of distances at any point of the course. You can also see the elevation for each hole.

The app also provides basic statistics, including the following categories:

  • Shot dispersion
  • Scoring
  • Putting
  • Accuracy

Golf Pad GPS has a PGA-quality scorecard that can track your strokes, putts, and penalties. The scorecard feature can track up to four different players.

The free version of this app is one of the best free GPS apps available. However, if you enjoy using this app, you may want to choose to upgrade to the premium version once you’re ready to up your game.

This upgraded version provides advanced statistics and club recommendations. Unfortunately, you also have to use the premium version if you’d like to pair your smartwatch with the app.

Mobitee Golf

Motibee Golf GPS App

One thing you’ll notice about the Mobitee Golf app is its superb maps. This app currently contains over 37,000 golf courses, and each one is very detailed. The Mobitee Golf app is a great option for beginner golfers because it’s easy to use and works to help lower handicaps.

The GPS feature tracks accurate distances, and the scorecard feature also records your statistics. It keeps all your scores and progress in one place. The scorecard can also keep track of many game types, including best-ball and scramble.

A unique feature of the Mobitee Golf app is that it’s compatible with PIQ. PIQ is a set of sensors that provide a real-time swing analysis. It provides instant information on your club’s head speed and tempo ratio.

PIQ also includes an accessory that you clip to your golf gloves. This accessory enables even more accuracy for the Mobitee Golf app’s GPS rangefinder. It also tracks and records all your swings and shots for you.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are many great free golf apps to try out, and if you end up liking them, you can always choose to purchase the premium versions. All these apps are available for immediate download, so start your search so that you can start improving your game right away.


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